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I will fight to make sure that our local area, including one of the fastest growing areas in Victoria,  gets the infrastructure and services it needs now and into the future.

I've been listening to locals about the issues affecting the Kew electorate. My priorities include:

  • Improving infrastructure and local roads to cater for increased demand
  • Delivering better schools and health services
  • Building safer and stronger communities

I want to hear from you about what I can do to make Kew a better place for you and your family. You can call, write a letter, or send me an email any time.

Tim Smith
Member for Kew
Shadow Minister for Education
Shadow Minister for Scrutiny of Government

Latest News


Battle of Amiens centenary - Members Statement

Mr T. SMITH (Kew) (09:58:57) — I rise today to recognise that yesterday was the centenary of the Battle of Amiens. The Battle of Amiens was a coordinated attack by four Canadian divisions, five Australian divisions and 10 British divisions which saw an 11‑kilometre hole punched in the German ...
  Thursday, 9 August 2018

Kew electorate bus services

Mr T. SMITH (Kew) (09:58:42) — I want to raise a very important issue for residents that live around Asquith Street in my electorate of Kew. The 302 and 304 bus services are constantly late. There are not enough seats on the buses; they are constantly clogged. My residents cannot board these ...
  Thursday, 26 July 2018

Australian Labor Party - Matters of Public Importance

Mr T. SMITH (Kew) (15:52:14) — I rise to support the Leader of the Opposition’s matter of public importance (MPI):That this house condemns the Andrews Labor government for its systematic rorting of taxpayers dollars, including:(1) rorting electorate office budgets for Labor’s red ...
  Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Yarra Boulevard, Kew - Members Statement 2

Mr T. SMITH (Kew) (09:45:03) — I rise to update the house with regard to the ongoing issues on Yarra Boulevard, particularly the incidence of the idiot or multiple idiots laying tacks on Yarra Boulevard, which is incredibly dangerous for cyclists. There have been a number of injuries over the ...
  Thursday, 7 June 2018

Trinity Grammar School - Members Statement

Mr T. SMITH — The recent controversy at Trinity Grammar School has been most undesirable for my electorate. I want to put on record my thanks to former headmaster Michael Davies and his family, particularly because of the hardships they have endured in recent times. I also want to pay tribute ...
  Thursday, 7 June 2018

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