Anti-semitism - Members Statement

November 11, 2019

T Smith - I had not planned on speaking about this issue today but my friend the member for Caulfield has raised a very important issue with regard to anti-Semitism at Hawthorn West Primary School. Hawthorn West Primary School is right near my electorate of Kew, and I know that the federal member for Kooyong has met with the family of the Jewish boy that has been bullied terribly at that school. Anti-Semitism is a scourge. It is a shocking scourge. I raised the Premier some months back what the government was doing throughout Victoria to combat the increase in anti-Semitism. I am not making a political comment for a moment here. This is a bipartisan issue. We all in this place want to stamp out anti-Semitism. It is an evil that goes back centuries.