Boroondara Tennis Centre - Members Statement

November 27, 2019

T SMITH (Kew) (09:54:44): The Boroondara Tennis Centre is an integral part of our local community in Boroondara but also in Manningham and other local areas. It is very, very concerned about its future with the incoming North East Link, which this side of the house does support but it is very concerned about what it is going to do to a number of key local institutions like the Boroondara Tennis Centre. The Boroondara Tennis Centre provides tennis opportunities for hundreds of local kids. It is a great local centre. It has provided enormous opportunities for amateur players for decades, and it is right in the path of the proposed North East Link. They are not receiving the information that they need from the North East Link Authority, and I implore the minister to make it a priority to speak to this tennis club, to talk them about what is going to happen to their future—to all the players, all the kids and all the people who are so passionate about their tennis. They do not know what is going to happen there. I have had many, many representations from them in recent weeks and months, and they still have not had an appropriate response from the Andrews Labor government.