Questions unanswered over risk to Green Wedge

Media Releases
March 4, 2020

Labor Minister Jaala Pulford has refused to rule out if she had discussed rezoning Green Wedge land with the associate at the centre of the latest anti-corruption hearings involving developer John Woodman.

In Question Time, Jaala Pulford yesterday admitted to meeting with John Woodman’s associate Megan Schutz – today she refused to rule out if rezoning Green Wedge land was discussed in that meeting.

It’s unclear if the dodgy developer John Woodman owns farmland in the Green Wedge Zone or if he would stand to make millions if any land was rezoned without the limitations of Green Wedge zoning sitting over the land.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Local Government, Tim Smith:

“Victorians have every right to be concerned about Labor’s ties with the developer, John Woodman.

“Tim Pallas and Daniel Andrews are refusing to clarify their relationships with Woodman and now it seems as though Woodman’s reach might be broader than what Labor is letting on.”