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As you are no doubt aware parts of the Kew electorate (suburbs formerly within the old City of Camberwell), have long been designated a “dry” area, by law. This means, for a late-night liquor license to be granted for a pub or nightclub in this part of Boroondara, a referendum must be held that is supported by a majority of locals.

Labor is unilaterally proposing to abolish this dry zone, and with it, residents' ability to have a say on what venues receive a liquor licence, and which ones don’t.

This will mean that even small bars, restaurants and cafes in your local area that currently hold liquor licences, will be able to stay open until 1am, as of right.

You should also be aware that as the government has planned to abolish the dry zone, this could lead to a proliferation of licensed venues with electronic gaming machines, better known as “pokies”. I am deeply concerned about that potential eventuality, particularly as we know what harm pokies have done to our society.

The State Labor government’s proposed new laws that may affect property value and local amenity.

Our leafy green part of Melbourne has always been regarded as a great place to raise a family, with lovely parks, quiet neighbourhoods and a good balance between commercial, entertainment and residential interests.

I am personally concerned about these proposed changes, but as your local MP, I  would like to hear your thoughts on these proposed changes, that will affect you, your family and our local area.

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